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World speed record in a steam car

A British team broke the world speed record in a steam car, established more than 100 years ago at 204.38 km / h by the American Fred Marriot.

After 10 years of work, the British Steam Car Challenge team averaged between the two 225 km / h attempts in the test conducted at Andrews Air Base in the Mojave Desert.

The first attempt was settled with a speed of 219,031 km / h to be later overcome by marking a speed of 243,141 km / h.

steam car

Built with a mix of carbon fiber and aluminum, the steam car weighs 6,613 pounds, measures 24.9 feet in length and is equipped with a dozen boilers.

The steam reaches a temperature of more than 752 degrees Fahrenheit (400 Celsius) and is injected into the turbine at a speed equivalent to twice the speed of sound, almost nothing.

The test conducted at the Edwards Air Base in California was overseen by the FIA ​​and is a great success since the previous record remained valid for 100 years … will we have to wait much longer to see this new record?

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