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Two Americans have quarreled for 100 minutes on a parking spot

Two Americans have quarreled for 100 minutes on a parking spot.
The incident occurred in the Californian district of Koreatown.
The event was filmed and broadcast on the Internet.

The insufficient number of parking places in the Koreatown district of Californian made two drivers quarreling more than an hour and a half for the same space.

Lack of parking places is a global problem, with more capitals and metropolises facing such a shortage. Among the cities that do not offer enough space for this type are Los Angeles, recently witnessing a spectacle unprecedented by now.

More specifically, it is about the quarrels of two drivers on the same parking spot, a fight that lasted no more than 100 minutes – or if you want, an interval of over an hour and a half.

The rescue came from a third driver who moved his car, making enough space for both leaders to park on the asphalt pavement in the Californian district of Koreatown that they quarreled from 18:20 to 20:00 (local time Los Angeles, United States).

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