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Top 5 Safest Cars in The World

If you think that only the tank can protect you from weapons such as bombs, bullets, grenade, etc. then you are wrong. Yes, now there are such great and safe cars in the world that will not only protect you from bullets and bombs, but will also provide you the luxury feeling you can only imagine. A simple person uses vehicles for transportation needs, but people like big personalities and political leaders also need to provide protection for vehicles.

Mercedes Benz S-600 Guard:

Mercedes Benz S-600 Guard

The finest car built by German’s leading car manufacturer Mercedes Benz has been considered to be extremely powerful in terms of safety. Equipped with an attractive look and strong safety features, this car has been used in the 6-liter V12 petrol engine. This car has a bullet proof window and doors that are strong enough to withstand the power of the powerful bullet. Apart from this, the wheels have been used in this car which can travel up to 57 km after the burst.

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