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Top 10 Most Expensive and Rarest Cars In The World

5. Lamborghini Reventon

The Lamborghini Reventon barely looks genuine, and knocked some people’s socks off when it was first uncovered at the Frankfurt Motor show in 2007.Just as insane was the price at two million dollars, which made it by far the most expensive car that the Italian manufacturer had sold at the time.

To create the Reventon, they had designed a completely new exterior, but used very similar mechanical designs as seen in the Murciélago LP640.

Lamborghini Reventon

The 6.5 litre V12 engine gives the car a maximum top speed of 221 miles per hour.This was somewhat of a vanity project for Lamborghini, and they announced that only 21 of them would ever be made- including one that would be kept in the Lamborghini museum.

All 20 sold almost instantly, so it’s now impossible to get one new- the only way you can get your hands on one of these is by convincing a current owner to part ways with it.

Practically impossible!!

The company released details on where they sold the cars to, with 10 being delivered to the US, seven to Europe, one to Canada,and two to Asia.

It was so popular that two years later they designed a roadster version, again producing only 20 cars, and this time costing 2.1 million dollars.

Still, both versions are incredibly rare,and would make a great addition to any one’s collection of supercars.

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