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Top 10 Most Expensive and Rarest Cars In The World

7. 1927 Bugatti Royale

In the 1920’s, Bugatti saw a chance to sell another style of extravagance vehicle, and structured the Bugatti Royale.To accommodate all the features they wanted to put in, they made the car 21 feet long!

It remains one of the largest cars to ever be built.

Bugatti Royale

With a 12.7 litre engine that produced up to 300 brake horsepower, no one ever tested it to see how fast it could go. At least not officially.

Initially the plan was to build 25 of the vehicles to sell to the wealthy, but in the end only 7 were made.One of these was destroyed- leaving only six remaining, each of which was built with a different body, making them truly one of a kind.Most of them are now displayed in museums around the world, but one- known as the Kellner car, is still in private hands.

It’s virtually impossible to put a price on how expensive one of these would be today, but the last time one sold in 1999, it went for 20 million dollars.

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