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Top 10 Most Expensive and Rarest Cars In The World

9. 1905 Rolls-Royce 15 HP

Rolls Royce is one of the most recognisable names in the world of automobiles.They began making cars in 1904. Since then, they have been responsible for some of the most iconic designs, and branched out into other areas including aircraft engines!

But it’s the classic luxury cars that stand out in collectors minds. This 1905 Rolls Royce 15 HP car is the second oldest vehicle by the manufacturer that remains in existence, and by far the rarest.

Surprisingly, the last one of these that was made still works!

1905 Rolls-Royce 15 HP

Just imagine a brand new car that you bought today, still running in 120 years time, it’s unbelievable!

It has a 3-speed manual gearbox with a 3.1 litre engine, and can reach up to 39 miles per hour- a significant speed at that time,I mean it is 122 years old!

It may not sound like much now….

The company, though, was still in its infancy in 1905, so only six of them were ever built. The history and collectability associated with this car means that the insured replacement is approximately 35 million dollars.

Yes, 35 million dollars!!

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