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Top 10 Facts that will amaze you from Donald Trump’s car

Are you ready to see how President Donald Trump is traveling? Today we will show you that it is more than a luxurious bulletproof limousine.

We all know that he will not only go and jump in the family vehicle when he is not flying in Air Force One or Marine One. The most powerful person on the planet travels rather in an impressive caravan.

Surely you already knew that the limousine is bulletproof and is guarded by a lot of secret agents. But we are sure that there are a couple of things you did not know about this vehicle.

Today we present 10 shocking facts about the vehicle of President Donald Trump.

10.The central part of any presidential caravan is the President’s limousine. I bet here you’ve already seen videos and images quickly moving through the streets of several cities. But this is about more than a reinforced limo.

Instead of just taking a normal limousine and wrapping it with super security luggage, behind this there is a lot of research and development to design and build this special vehicle.The car used for the inauguration of the president had been in development for years.

At this time it is rumored that General Motors spent 15 million dollars in development.

9.And then, where does all this research and development take us?

The presidential limousine also known as The Beast is more a tank than a car. It has 8-inch armored doors, glasses that can stop a 44-caliber bullet from a Magnum, a body made of 5-inch military-grade armor and armor plates to protect the president from grenades and bombs thrown under the car.

The Beast even has an armored gasoline tank and has road-flat tires that allow you to go up to 100 kilometers at full speed in case of shooting.

8.Well, as you can imagine, the presidential limousine can be a bit expensive. Surely a regular limo will cost about $ 75,000. Sure, but give him all that armored equipment and comforts that The Beast has and you’ll have a really expensive car.

Experts estimate that the cost of a presidential limousine is close to 1,500 million dollars that does not include the cost of gasoline which is probably expensive, also considering that this car consumes one gallon per 6 kilometers.

7.Very well, we know that it is heavy, it consumes a lot of gasoline and it is claimed that it can only reach up to 96 points 5 kilometers per hour in about 15 seconds. But wait, the secret service compensates for this lack of performance because it only puts experts behind the wheel. That means that no driver drives this vehicle. Only a specialist trained by the same secret service is the one who can handle The Beast as if it were a Ferrari.

Special resources ensure that the agent can take the vehicle out of the danger of almost any situation if the moment it’s urge it.

6.It is believed that not only is there a presidential limousine but there are around 12. Why so many? Well, if you look at a presidential caravan you will notice that in the group there will be about two or three beasts.

These can be used to transport other important members or more commonly they are used as decoys. In this case they move around the caravan so that no potential killer can know which limousine the president is in.

5.From California to England, the caravan is sent out thanks to the US Army. In this case the beast and the secret service vehicles that accompany it are packed aboard a military air transport and sent to their destination for the arrival of the president.

In this way there is always a group of family vehicles waiting to escort the president, no matter where he is, anywhere on earth.

4.If you have seen a few presidential caravans, you will notice that they are all a little different. This is because each scenario is a bit different and you need to alter the amount of protection and support staff that accompany the president.

In short, the more dangerous an environment, the more vehicles will travel in the caravan.Ex-agents have said that the smallest caravans were around 10 vehicles and in more dangerous areas the caravan can have more than 40 vehicles.

3.Each presidential caravan has several agents and police waiting. Obviously the main part of this is visual since they are always looking for a threat. However, agents are also checking air probes for any threatening chat or radio communication.

This was demonstrated in 1996 when agents took the words “marriage” and “bridge” while escorting President Bill Clinton in the Philippines. Knowing that the word “marriage” was used by terrorist groups to signify an imminent attack, they diverted the caravan. A subsequent investigation found explosive devices on a bridge that was on the original presidential route.

2. Look for a moment at this tower: it is on the roof of an SUV although it may seem like something out of GTA 5. We can assure you is very real and part of the presidential caravan. Just look at the next presidential caravan and try to score the SUV that has no agents to jump out of this.

Well, that’s the SUV that looks like this six-gun gathering that can fire thousands of times per minute.Of course, the secret service is always packing a lot of weapons but there is definitely the weapon that beats all the others.

1.Even though it is provided from head to toe, The Beast also has a few other additions that you would only expect to find in a 007 agent’s car: it has night vision sights, tear gas grenades and firefighting equipment. In addition, the vehicle can also survive a chemical attack because it contains its own oxygen reserve.

But of course, you should always have a touch of elegance provided by the reclining leather chairs in the back. So while the world can become chaotic outside, the president can be safe and comfortable in his vehicle.

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