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Tires turned into soccer fields

The Spanish Plan for the Stimulus of the Economy and Employment, known as Plan E, promoted the recycling of around two million old tires in 2009, which were used to build artificial turf soccer fields, according to the Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling (FER).


Thus, over the past year, about 100 sports facilities of this type were built under this fund, which allowed to take advantage of more than 18,000 tons of used tires, from which about 10,000 tons of rubber dust were extracted. .

The use of recycled material in the start-up of these football fields reduced the environmental impact, since it saved the emission of around 148,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and about 58 million liters of oil which, otherwise, they would have been used for the production of new material.

According to the general director of FER, Alicia García-Franco, “the financing of projects and work contracts that encourage the use of recycled materials is a practice that should be promoted to a greater extent, since on the one hand, they generate employment and, on the other hand , they have positive effects for the environment, as we have already seen in this last year “.

In this way, employers believe that the Administration should offer greater support to the use of recycled tires in other areas of construction such as, for example, the asphalting of roads, because otherwise “it will be complicated” to meet the objectives marked in the legislation on recycling.

Spain currently allocates 1,000 tons of tires per year to the asphalting of the road network, which represents only 0.8% of the total volume set in the Second 2015 Out-of-Use Tires Plan.

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