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Thinking of buying an American car?

Today we bring you the best tips and tricks you have to know if you are thinking of buying an American car. We start!

Ford Mustang, Cheverolet Corvet or Camaro, Pontiac GTO / Firebird, Dodge Challenger or Charger, Cadillac Escalade, Ford F150 Heavy Duty, Lincoln Navigator, are some of the most demanded American car models in our country for those passionate about American cars.

Before buying an American car compare prices!

This is one of the key commandments before deciding to buy an imported American car. The first thing is the price, because if you start to compare you will realize that in some occasions they can get to double the price of the vehicle simply with the excuse of importation, and this is not reasonable prices.

In addition to the extra price per amount, we are faced with increases in the price that have to do with homologation, in addition to processes such as enrollment in the Spanish state.

Compare prices is not an advice for new imported vehicles, but something that you will have to take into account, even in the case of a pre-owned American vehicle already registered in our country. In the United States, the price of a second-hand car is devalued twice as much as in our country, since in the United States the price of a car with an age of only two years, costs almost half the initial price. A complete bargain! Therefore, many American second hand cars are imported to other countries such as Spain to earn more money with them. With this, I advise to also look privately at the price of importing an American second-hand car.

A tip that does not fail many times is to check how much it would cost us to carry out the purchase process on our own to see if it compensates to buy it from a specific company.

A great advantage of buying an American car?

If we want to take into account a great advantage of American cars to decide on our purchase, this is without a doubt its easy maintenance and the resistant materials with which they are manufactured, making American cars very hard cars.

Inconvenient to take into account?

The cost of the original parts in any case of failure or break, take a long time to arrive, so you have to be patient. Also, do not expect the pieces do not rise in price with your import because, on the contrary, you will always find higher prices.

Another drawback is the insurance company. Being expensive repair cars for being imported parts, few insurance companies are going to be interested in you; having to access, in many cases, more expensive insurers. Another drawback is perhaps the cost of fuel in American cars, which is usually higher than in other models.

Finally, before deciding to buy a car, be it American, European or Japanese, keep in mind another series of tips that we provide below:

Make a list of post and cons Find out more about the model you want and compare with other models New is not always the best Visit all types of dealers in detail Take into account the different financing options of the vehicle Meet the most competitive American models on the market

 To finish, indicate that these are tips and realities that you can find when buying an American car, but if you are passionate about cars and have a key model that you like and can afford, do not hesitate to do so.

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