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They stole a car with two children of 4 years and 11 months inside

A car with two children of 4 years and 11 months inside has been stolen this Monday morning in Collado Villalba when the driver of the vehicle has parked and got out of the vehicle to leave a third girl in the school.

The woman stopped the car with the keys on so as not to turn off the heating in order to call the grandmother’s telephone to leave the baby and then take the child, Ryan, to the school, they have detailed police sources. At that moment, a man got into the car “and pushed the woman with the door”. “And it almost killed her, my sister went behind the car screaming that she had the children inside,” said Zahulia, the children’s aunt.

stole a car

However, the driver started on his way, leaving the older child and the cart in a nearby supermarket because “he was screaming”. He left the baby time later in Fuenlabrada. The relatives have indicated that everything has been “a tremendous fright”. “We have gone crazy and the mother kept screaming ‘I want my daughter or if I do not kill myself,'” they say. They think it was a robbery but they do not understand how the car could be carried with the children inside.

Immediately after the incident, which occurred about 8.55 this morning next to the Antonio Machado school, on Ignacio González Serrano street in this Madrid town, the police broadcast the registration of the stolen vehicle and that it has fled with the two minors inside. It was a black Seat Leon.

Within minutes of the police appeal, the two minors were found safe and sound. Finally, the Civil Guard has found in the town of Fuenlabrada Madrid the vehicle and a baby girl of eleven months traveling inside. After being explored at the Hospital de Fuenlabrada, the doctors have proven that she is in perfect health and has been discharged an hour later.

“It’s a very bad person, it’s a good thing that the girl is fine and nothing has happened to her, I hope that he will be sentenced not to leave jail ever,” said the grandmother at the door of her home. The Civil Guard is looking for a man of possible Spanish nationality, middle age (about 40 years old) with a beard, tall and physically unattractive, as the child described the agents.

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