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They bought a new car, but they received something other than what they paid

The manufacturer … has forgotten to install more equipment and equipment, including the navigation system or support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Jaguar E-Peace 2019

The moment of purchasing a new car, configured according to your liking, is a very special one. Choosing the color of the body, selecting the desired wheels, and choosing the gear that will make life aboard a real pleasure, all come together with a feeling that is probably unique in life.

Unfortunately, for the customers of the second crossover in Jaguar’s history, the E-Pace , some of the MY2019 models lack features and equipment. We also talk about support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the navigation system or real-time weather that the British … forgot to install them on cars.

The novelty issue apparently affects S, SE and HSE equipment levels with InControl Pack and Smart Settings, and owners affected by the unpleasant situation will receive $ 600 in compensation. Not the other, but in the case of these facilities it can not be upgraded.

Information about the number of E-Pace MY2019 specimens that Jaguar has failed to do is a mystery, as is the case with the details of the countries in which they arrived. For customers who have seen their dream of driving the perfect crossover, nothing really matters today.

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