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The largest dealership in the world

Autopia Europia is under construction. It is the installation that will form the largest dealership in the world.

It will be built on the outskirts of Istanbul, in Turkey. There are those who doubt about its possible survival in the current crisis of sales that the sector is experiencing and that is only kept alive based on state aid.

We are facing Turkey, a country in full emergency and with many potential buyers of cars. For this reason, the promoters hope to avoid this crisis, especially thinking that the country will have overcome it when Autopia Europia opens in two years.

largest dealership

In the previous image you can see the gigantic building that will have a useful area of ​​around 200,000 square meters.

It looks more like an industrial complex than a dealer. It is necessary to emphasize that, in its 6 plants (with a height of six meters), it will house the not insignificant amount of 200 points of sale of new or used cars.

But not only this. We stand before a real commercial center in every rule. Why? The reason is that it will have 56 restaurants, 48 ​​official workshop services, 24 bank branches and 42 insurers. It seems like an American dream. In Turkey it will come true.

A kind of drive-in. This feature is what has attracted the most attention. Attendees can enter the complex by car, drive through the 6 floors and stop in front of the dealership that most suits us. The company that will carry out the construction expects and wishes to rent each one of the spaces that will be carried out. In addition, they await the arrival of some six million annual visitors.

Although faced with such a size of infrastructures, we must speak of a small disadvantage. Many visitors must go on foot or by public transport. What happens with the parking? That can only accommodate 900 cars. But this happens in the background and is forgotten when we observe that the roof has an authentic test track.

And speaking of the latter, it is stated that this track will be used for driving tests of new cars. And as we talk about a roof, there must be protective barriers.

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