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The colors of the cars. Curiosities

The colors of the cars and their choice has always been a matter of study and debate for a multitude of reasons.

On the one hand there are many studies on the preferred colors of consumers as well as studies on the most interesting colors from the point of view of road safety. You can say that certain things that you are going to read do not fit you, but in many cases statistics are statistics.

On the one hand we will talk about the tastes and fashions in the colors of the cars since several studies have been done that analyze the preferences both in Europe and in the USA.
In the USA there have been modifications and after the silver color was the most popular until 2007, the white color became the favorite for the Americans occupying the sales by 20% and the black color along with its variations tied with the Silver color for the second place.

In Europe, however, there is no doubt and dark colors win, with shades of black occupying 26% of total sales, while silver gray occupies the second with 20% and white color is fashionable, but only It owns 10% of the cars sold.

The colors of the cars has a second reading and is that a curious psychological study states that there is a direct relationship between the color of the car we drive and our level of personal satisfaction, something somewhat controversial because in many cases it has no relationship at all, but we have wanted to contemplate this aspect out of curiosity.

According to this study, discontented owners (not with the car, but with their lives) opt for colors such as yellow, orange or red and those who have the most personal dissatisfaction choose the color black.

In the mid-point are people with white vehicles and those who are happiest or satisfied with their lives buy green, dark blue or silver vehicles.

The last reading of this study on colors, refers to road safety because the visibility of the car often depends on the color of our vehicle.

According to a study by Auckland University, vehicles painted brown, black and green, in this order, are the worst choice of vehicle color, in terms of safety. Therefore if what we are looking for is a safe car referring to color, it should be noted that the best of all is metallic gray. This same study concludes that silver cars have a 50% lower probability of a traffic accident compared to white, yellow, red or blue vehicles.

Finally we will remain with the study of FACONAUTO that seems that it is the one that follows a more logical criterion based on the opinions of the consumers. This study reports that the color that Spaniards choose when buying a car corresponds more with aesthetic, personal and practical tastes than with their concern for safety.

75% of Spaniards who go to a dealership end up leaning for the purchase of clear cars, evidence that the choice of tonality is determined directly by factors such as personality, age, sex, social class, or emotions They are able to awaken in their immediate surroundings.

On the other hand insurance companies carry out their statistical studies and many of them have different premiums depending on the color of the car, with the target being the one that most companies reward for being the one that has fewer accidents.

Many factors and studies but none speak that the price of the car has much to do in the decision of the color and neither that the opinion of your partner has much to say in this aspect.

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