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The best and cheapest speed reducer: trees

Almost at the end of the period in which more cars are moving, it is important to note the reduction of accidents on the road. If we take a look back, the conclusion we draw is that both the speed controls and the so controversial points card have done their job. Speeding is one of the most common causes of a possible traffic accident. Although we feel that we control, at a given moment we can stop doing it.


Neither the radars nor the points card have caused our thoughts, regarding speed, to vary. Deep down we are all aware that if we lift our foot off the accelerator it is because we do not feel like having to scratch our pockets. And less now, that the fines have gone up some increase. But what we must take into account when making a trip is both our safety and that of the passengers we carry with us. It is even important to keep in mind that there are certain obstacles on the road that reduce our visibility.

Do you think that trees are one of those obstacles?

If you say yes, you are totally wrong or at least that is what they transmit to us from the county of Norfolk, in the United Kingdom. In this state they are experimenting with a really new system that causes a considerable reduction in speed. They are also aware of the existing accident rate for this reason and have realized that after planting more than two hundred trees on both sides of the roads, the average speed was reduced by 5%.

What is the main reason? The perception. Apparently this placement of the trees causes a greater sense of speed. So the driver ends up raising his foot off the accelerator.

For now it is a simple project. We will have to see how the study ends and if it is as effective as it appears. What is clear is that if these strategies work, the State will not be very happy because it would lose a considerable amount of money, thanks to the collections.

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