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Recreate the car accident that killed Lady Di as part of an attraction at a theme park

A theme park in the United States has announced a new attraction that recreates the accident in which Princess Diana died. Visitors to the National Enquirer Live park in Tennessee will be able to relive the car accident in which the mother of princes Harry and William of England lost her life in 1997.

It will be thanks to 3D technology. Oddly enough, users will also be invited to comment on whether they believe the Royal Family was involved in the tragedy. The attraction, which will open this Friday, has been made thanks to 3D, explained Robin Turner, an entertainment expert.

Turner said that the whole attraction has been conceptualized to look like Paris, the city where the incident took place, including the way Diana was after she left the Ritz Hotel.

The realism is such that it includes the paparazzi who persecuted the ex-wife of the Prince of Wales at the time of the accident and the flash that allegedly blinded the driver of the vehicle and that led to the accident.

Turner added that the attraction has been created with much professionalism and that has avoided “show blood”, and that everything will be “very positive”.

The attraction will include the different conspiracy theories that have emerged after Diana’s death, including that which links the British secret service.

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