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Recommend not eating with the engine running

Every day we witness new studies related to the motor world. In this case, it is an investigation that identifies a new risk to health in reference to the relationship between food and the automobile.

That is, it ensures that it is not beneficial to eat inside the car when it is in motion or simply with the engine running.

engine running

The main reason for these conclusions is that by eating in the car you can ingest certain germs that can cause various diseases. So it is advised that if you want to eat along a journey stop the car and make the intake out of it, stretching the legs.It is more advisable to eat in a restaurant or do it outdoors in any service area.

Many may not believe too much in these conclusions but if the decision is made to eat food in the car, we must be aware that this can cause health problems as important as skin infections or even food poisoning.

How do you come to this? Even though we can have a clean car and regularly wash it, the reality is that the car at home is perfect for bacteria such as Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus. These are the culprits of these digestive and skin diseases. The risk is always present, but it increases if we have the habit of eating in the car, or if, for example, we stain the upholstery of food.

This study comes from the hand of Halfords. It is a company in the automotive sector that sells products related to cleaning the car. Maybe after this information, we reach the conclusion that in this study there is some commercial interest. But collecting certain tips, as far as possible, never hurts.

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