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Pink taxis in Mexico to avoid violence

In the state of Puebla, in Mexico, they have released a very peculiar taxi service. They are known as pink taxis (pink taxis) and are aimed exclusively at women and children, something that does not surprise us because it is not the first time this happens in the world unfortunately.

pink taxis

And we say unfortunately because the reason why this measure is taken, is the great insecurity with which women have to use this transport service in some areas of the world, as is the case of the state of Puebla (Mexico) which is above the national average on the subject of violence against women, both in the private and public spheres.

The measure of pink taxis has been taken by the government since rapes have been lavished on women in these means of transport.

In total there are 35 Chevrolet Chevy roses that have been put into circulation and receive both women and children with a fee to pay identical to that of any other taxi in the area, but in return offers greater security to women in the state of Puebla.

The drivers have special training and each taxi has a satellite locator and a panic button connected to an emergency center to reinforce the safety of the driver and passengers. On the other hand and as an additional security measure, you can pay thanks to payment terminals, which means you do not have to carry money.

The measure is not strange in Mexico since for years reserved exclusive wagons for women in the rush hours in the subway of Mexico City. Similarly, the buses called Athena make routes that only admit passengers.

It seems a lie, but this happens in the world and not only in Mexico, there are other examples such as Turkey, Colombia and Dubai where they have had to take measures of this style.

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