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My lost objects on the road

Millions of people travel daily on the roads of different countries. It is not surprising that on more than one occasion certain objects appear on motorways, highways or conventional roads. For this reason, a striking initiative has been carried out from Germany, the registration of lost or abandoned belongings.

What kind of lost objects can be found on that website?

From the most normal in the world (Wallets, shoes, briefcases, maps, motorcycle helmets, suitcases, children’s trolleys, clothes, sports bags, bicycles, stuffed animals, ski boots, balls, various boxes, etc.) more varied objects of the globe: gasoline drums, bumper pieces, wooden boxes, remains of exhaust pipes, Christmas trees, skis, car doors, shovels, fire extinguishers, screws, etc.

lost objects

They are belongings that have been appearing since March 2003. Since then they have made some 60,000 interventions. Which means that they make an average of 23 daily notices. An inexhaustible compilation.

The name of the German page is ladungsverlust (something like cargo losses). As we have said before, they keep a conscientious record of both the notices they receive and the “strange elements” that appear on the roads of the federal state of Hessen.

There will be many who think that this work has more pilgrim aspect than anything else. But it is important to note that many of the objects that can be found on the roads can be potential elements to cause an accident. So the task they perform is more than respectable. Remember that we are programmed to be able to avoid collisions with other vehicles but, to dodge a football goal in the middle of a highway?

Around here we should also take note and start creating initiatives similar to this one. Removing objects from a road is the best solution to avoid a possible loss.

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