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Fifteen million drivers confess to driving asleep

The latest report published by the CEA Foundation is alarming because it reflects a disturbing reality: fifteen million drivers admit driving drowsy or asleep.

It will not be the first nor the last time that public agencies urge us to rest the recommended hours before getting behind the wheel.

However it seems that these awareness campaigns do not have all the effect they should, more if we look at the latest report from the CEA Foundation that alerts that fifteen million drivers confess to driving with sleep or driving asleep.

Director of Communication of the CEA Foundation, has stressed that falling asleep at the wheel is a fact of extreme gravity given the risk that is generated in driving, before a possible accident. “It is serious that a very high percentage of drivers, almost 60 percent, have suffered micro dreams at the wheel and that more than 70 percent have had the feeling of falling asleep at the wheel.” In fact, according to this study, only 49.93 percent stops when they feel tired on a long trip.

The data revealed by the study are worrisome, since it assumes that 59.22 percent of Spanish drivers, that is, more than half, has suffered micro dreams while driving. This statistic increases its numbers if we talk about the simple feeling of drowsiness at the wheel. Here the data shoots up to 71.65 percent.

After seventeen hours awake and active, a driver’s reflexes diminish as if he had 0.5 grams of alcohol in his blood. Therefore, the CEA Foundation highlights the lack of knowledge about drowsiness caused by the intake of medication, the need to stop after two hours of driving or the importance of having slept at least eight hours before performing a long road trip. It must be borne in mind that in an accident with personal injuries, the drowsy driver can be punished for a serious imprudence with up to ten years of driving license withdrawal and five years of prison.

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