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Blue bucket against abuse of official cars

Putting a blue bucket on his head and going out into Moscow to mock top government officials is the latest news of protests in Russia. What are you fighting against? Against the elites and politicians who put blue lights on their cars and devote themselves to overwhelm the road.

And is that a blue cube put inside out could be confused from afar with the sirens that use the cars of Russian bureaucrats. The important thing is that those vehicles with that blue light, called migalka, can ignore speed limits and traffic regulations without being stopped by the police.

But for some time, many cars with blue light have been involved in several accidents that tried to go unpunished … In addition, officially the number of cars with blue siren is limited to 964, for politicians and high-ranking bureaucrats. But the Vedomosti business newspaper and a radio station asked for photographs of their readers and listeners and registered 1,123. It seems that this privilege can also be bought … and the new Russian oligarchy is not deprived of it.

blue bucket

So people have started to rebel against these abuses in this fun and original way. The Cubes Azules Society is a citizen and apolitical movement that started its protests in April, filling the center of the city with its vehicles.

They had a small blue bucket, of course, placed on the roof of the car.

The police dispersed them alleging infractions against the law of the transport of goods.

Although a few days later a judge ruled that carrying a blue cube on the roof was no crime, since the protests began, the authorities have ordered the brigades of the blue cube to stop. Days later, the police officers ordered the drivers to remove the bucket from the roof and if they refused, they were arrested for disobeying the orders of the authority. But not only that.

People who were walking along the sidewalk near the official buildings carrying ice cubes, shovels and blue balloons were retained for participating in demonstrations neither communicated nor authorized. Now the Duma is preparing a law to regulate demonstrations in which vehicles are used.

Now it happens that this campaign against the inequalities in the right of way in the streets of Moscow wins more and more supporters and gives rise to too extreme incidents. Last week, a young man climbed onto the roof of a car that was circulating near the Kremlin wall (with its corresponding blue light, of course), to protest against his passing privileges over ordinary motorists.

Seeing the car on the awning blue flashing siren (the signal used by the bureaucrats to ask to open the way), the activist crossed the street dangerously, approached the vehicle, took a blue bucket from his bag and He put it on his head before climbing on the hood.

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