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Auctioned the most famous car in the world

What do you think is the best known movie car? Kitt, from The Fantastic Car, Mr. Bean’s Mini? The General Lee? For anyone born before the mid-70s, the answer is clear: The Aston Martin DB5 James Bond of 1964. And now they auction it!

Conducted by Sean Connery in the classics Goldfinger and Operation Thunder, the Aston Martin DB5 of 1964 has a long list of extras and gadgets from the spy world, hence it is considered the quintessence of James Bond cars. And this fall, for the first time in history, this silver wonder will be auctioned.

Of course, you should start saving (and enough) if you want to opt for it, because the most famous car is expected to reach about 5 million dollars.

There were two cars for use in James Bond movies. One of the last series of the Aston Martin DB4 was used in the short shots, while the DB5 was used in the scenes of persecutions. Aston Martin lent both cars to the production company EON to shoot the films and after that they went back to the factory. In 1969, Jerry Lee, a US radio producer, convinced Aston Martin to sell him the DB5 for $ 12,000. And it has been in his hands so far, that he sells it to obtain money for his multinational NGO against crime prevention, the Jerry Lee Foundation.

In the movies, the car was “tuned” with various extras of Q, such as machine guns, bulletproof shield, retractable number plates, a passenger seat propellable, oil launcher, smoke curtain … and a kind of spears that came from its wheels to burst the tires of the rival cars (Ecclestone would weigh this idea to make a Formula 1 more attractive?).

There are also a lot of buttons in a fantastic retro style on the front center armrest. Although we are going to tell the truth: the car did not have some of these extras when they shot the movies, but they were added later for the advertising tours. Another curiosity is that two other DB5 made that tour, although they were not used in those films or in any other.

FMP 7B, as it was known by its original registration number in the UK, will be auctioned by RM Auctions on October 27 at the London Club Stoke Park, a place that has not been chosen at random, as it was where it was developed the scene of the first confrontation between James Bond and Mr. Goldfinger. Then do not say that we do not notify with time.

Oh! If you wonder where is the Aston Martin DB4 that also came out in Goldfinger and Thunderball, Thunderball car was stolen in 1997 and is still not localized. So if you can not get this DB5, maybe you have another chance in the future …

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