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A farmhouse on the highway

When we make the decision to go to live in a house in the countryside we do so thinking about the possibility of enjoying serenity, tranquility, direct contact with nature, etc. This is what you should have thought from Stott Hall Farm. But her ideal life stopped being her.

Stott Hall Farm, is an 18th century farmhouse. This farmhouse is located in Windy Hill, in the English Pennines. It was built in 1737, so it has been for two centuries enjoying the tranquility that everyone believes. Until in 1970 the road arrived and decided that tranquility was going to end.

In spite of the fact that many other farmhouses passed to a better life, this one, nevertheless, has remained standing.

Many may think that everything is due to the absolute refusal on the part of their owners to sell the land. But, the opposite. The real reason is much colder. The fact is that at the time of beginning with the construction, the engineers saw that it was impossible to build the two roads at the same level. Therefore they opted for the best decision, separating the two platforms of the highway. And in the median, intact, Stot Hall Farm.


It is true that the owners must be happy because their farmhouse was saved, but all that ideal environment disappeared as well. The farm has been surrounded by a highway that causes daily life is not as daily as you would expect. And it is that we are facing one of the busiest roads in England.

For that reason, not only pollution is one of the problems. Also keep in mind that the windows have triple glazing and that outside the house it is impossible to maintain a normal conversation. Even the dogs, three German shepherds, have chosen to stop barking. It was impossible to listen to them.

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