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32 million kilometers of roads in the world

In a titans exercise, the CIA in its World Fact Book, has accounted for more than 32 million kilometers of roads in the world. Highways, motorways, autobahn, secondary roads with better or worse asphalt, gravel roads … Everything has a place in said estimate. Going through them at 100km / h would take more than 36 years.

The country with the most roads in the world is, for a change, the United States.

With data from 2007, there is a total of 6,465,799 km in that country. Of these, 4,209,836 km are paved, and 2,255,964 km are unpaved. By comparison, roads across the European Union total 5,454,446 km, as of 2008.

roads in the world

The following countries in this ranking are:

India: 3,316,452 km (2006)
China: 1,930,544 km (2005)
Brazil: 1,751,868 km (2004)
Japan: 1,196,999 km (2006)
Canada: 1,042,300 km (2006)
France: 951,500 km (2006)
Russia: 933,000 km (2006)
Australia: 812,972 km (2004)
Spain: 681,224 km (2006)
Germany: 644,480 km (2006)
Italy: 487,700 km (2005)

On the opposite side of the table are:

Tuvalu: 8 km. (2002)
Cocos Islands: 22 (2006)
Nauru: 24 km. (2002)
Gibraltar: 29 km. (2007)
Monaco: 50 km. (2007)

You can see how Spain is the tenth country in the world ranking, the second in the European Union after France. There is the paradox that the CIA catalogs all Spanish roads as paved. Like the author of the original news, there are few roads that I know are not paved. Another note that should not be overlooked, the largest country in the world, Russia, only occupies the eighth place. On the other side is Japan, which is very high in the standings.

In the Maldives there are 88 km, all covered with asphalt. It is surprising that most of its urban roads are made of compacted coral. In Bermuda, of the 447 km., 225 are public roads; the rest, 222 km, are for private use. In Greenland the roads are limited to their own populations, there are no interurban roads; transfers are made by boat or plane. The Antarctic, obviously, is asphalt virgin, hopefully for a long time.

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