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10 Motorcycles That Will Take Your Breath Away.

1. 2010 Falcon Bullet

2010 Falcon Bullet

Falcon Motorcycles is a company with one goal in mind. Take old vintage Triumph motorcycles and refit, refurbish and rebuild them. The final goal is to create a wholly new motorcycle that is timeless, inimitable and understated.

2. 1994 Ducati 916

Ducati 916

The release of the Ducati 916 in 1994 set the motorcycle world on its ear. Designed by Massimo Tamburini, the 916 had a style and elegance to it, that to this day, has not been equaled and is considered by many to be the most beautiful motorcycle ever created.

3. 2010 Confederate Wraith

I saw this motorcycle in person last year in Monterrey, CA during the Concours d’Elegance. It literally stopped me in my tracks as it was unlike anything I’d ever seen. Visually it is as tough and brutish as they come and looks to be more of a design exercise than an actual running road bike. It also comes with a hefty price tag of around $55,000.

4. 1992 Britten

The Britten motorcycle was built in 1992 be New Zealander John Britten. It’s carbon fiber forks and swing-arm set it apart from anything built in that time period. The pink, black and blue color scheme was another design element that led to the bikes appeal amongst fans.

5. 1978 Harley Davidson XLCR 1000 Café Racer

Some of you may disagree with this particular entry, but there are a few things to consider before making any comments. This bike was built at a very low time for Harley Davidson. From 1969-1981 Harley was owned by American Machinery and Foundry (AMF) and built some of the worst motorcycles in the companies 107 year history. The XLCR 1000 Café Racer was not only a styling achievement, but a bike that helped breath some new life into the struggling bike manufacturer.

6. 1992 Honda NR

When the Honda NR was released in 1992 it came with a whopping price tag of $55,000 due to its V4 engine and oval piston design. The oval piston design enabled Honda to use 4-valves per cylinder to create more power. This power increase was due to an increase in air/fuel mixture throughput and compression. Only 300 were ever produced for public sale.

7. 1950 Vincent Black Shadow

Think of the Vincent Black Shadow as the Grandfather to the modern sport bike. It was sleek, fast and had all the right go-fast goodies to give it a top speed of 125 mph. Also considered to be one of the most beautiful motorcycles of all time, the Black Shadow is highly sought after by collectors.

8. 2010 Bimota Tesi 3d Carbon Black

If there is one motorcycle out there that has a truly radical design it’s the Bimota Tesi. Tesi’s in one form or another have been around since the early 1990′s. Their latest creation has taken it to a whole new level. All Tesi models have been known for their controversial front end: the hub-center steered swing arm front suspension. The design actually works quite well, but it never really caught on with moto-journalists or the industry as a whole. Dressed up in carbon fiber body panels with beautiful billet aluminum, the Tesi 3d is really something to look at from any angle.

9. 1947 Indian Chief

From the swooping front and rear fenders to the leather tasseled seat, the Indian Chief is a motorcycle that conjures up images of a less complicated time. This is a machine that just looks like it was built for the open road. It exemplifies that feeling of freedom and appeals to the adventurer in all of us.

10. 2009 BMW R1200 GS Adventurer

Whether you’re going on a 3000 mile road trip through the Alaskan wilderness, fighting off brain eating zombie’s in LA, or simply grabbing a quart of milk from the local bodega, the BMW R1200 GS is the Swiss army knife of motorcycles. It’s beautiful because it is built to do a job and do it right. It makes no excuses for its looks because it knows it doesn’t have to, and you know from first glance that it’s one serious piece of hardware. Those reasons and those reasons alone, make this one beautiful machine.

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Kurt would have ripped your heart out of your chest without that last entry!

Artur da Costa

I apolagise,but the Honda Nr was more expensive then the 55.000 and was not 4 valves but 8 valves/cilinder,the meaning of the oval pistons was also make like a 8 cilinders to evade the regulations of max of 4 cilinders.


I don’t no about anyone else but #5 the XLCR isthe only one thet takes my breath away. All the others look like something out of a sci-fi move


@ da Costa; The price was $55,000, as stated by the OP.


I don’t no about anyone else but #5 the XLCR isthe only one thet takes my breath away. All the others look like something out of a sci-fi move
Yes and no…I like the XLCR, But I also like #1 Falcon Bullet, and I like the Indian. All the other just seem blaahhh when in come to looks, Especially the Ducati and Honda.


Some cool bikes, some I don’t care about, but the only one that really takes my breath away is the BMW R 1200 GS. And even then, it only takes my breath away after it falls over and i have to lift it back up.


Ho hum. Indian YES because of its beauty and function.
Ducati: smooth, power
BMW: of course

Bimoto and Wraith: only in the demented mind of a computer gone ballistic could these every be beautiful…look like a design project gone bad.

The rest take my breath away because they are fugly as hell. Of course a harley, that looks as ugly as a pile of dog shit on the living room rug, had to be included…good old USA


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